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Enigmatic Ocean Pt.1
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Enigmatic Ocean Pt.2
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Play With Me
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There was a unique period during the 1970’s when musical genres were morphing and blending. Jazz musicians were adding rock elements to their music. Rock musicians were adding elements of jazz, classical, and world music to their music. Genres became very difficult to describe. Joshua acknowledges that “Jazz-Rock” is not even a good descriptor of his chosen repertoire. What he would say are the common elements of this repertoire, and this time period, are sophisticated harmonies, a wider variety of rhythms and time signatures, longer song forms, but with a relatable rock sensibility and sound. In this way, the groups like “Yes” shared many features with groups like “Mahavishnu Orchestra” without necessarily sounding like each other. Joshua has chosen some of the greatest compositions, from the greatest groups of this time period to include in his band’s repertoire. While sophisticated and interesting, this music was also universally loved and continues to be loved by millions of fans, many decades later.

We Are:

Joshua Cedar - Guitar
John Ettinger - Violin
Matt Lebofsky - Keyboards
Dan Feiszli - Bass
Jon Arkin - Drums

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1001 B St, Hayward, CA 94541

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